Hyperlapse GPX routes using Google Streetview (what does that look like?)
Public videos: See the latest Streetwarp creations (click for list)
  1. Strava Error message

    Strava Connected as

    Enter Strava activity or route URL:

    RideWithGPS Error message

    Enter Ride With GPS route URL (must be public):

    Enter Google Maps Directions URL:

    OR Upload GPX file

    Or drag and drop here
  2. Choose target frame density

    Maximum number of streetview images requested per kilometer. Actual number may be lower if duplicates are detected. In practice I don't think Streetview provides more than about 150.
  3. Stats:
  4. Enter Google API key

    (why am I asking?) (disclaimer)
    Not sure what this means? see Instructions
    Each Google account comes with $200 a month of free API usage!
  5. Build Hyperlapse

    Note: processing this hyperlapse will cost about
    Remember: the first $200 a month is free, see your current usage here
    Try to remove sudden jumps from result (may not always be better)
    Make the video public (visible on home page)
How to get a Google API key:
  1. Sign up for a Google Developer account here
  2. Create a new project with any name you like
  3. Enable billing on your account here
  4. Activate the Streetview Static API here
  5. Retrieve your API key credentials here
Why am I asking for your API key?